The Relations between the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America at the Present Stage
E. Makaradze, B. Makaradze

At the end of XX century and in the first decade of XXI century the relations between Turkey and the United States of America attracted the attention of the international community. Since the end of the Cold War, the relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the United States has been mainly focused on security. The foreign policy of the two countries, from time to time was conducted in completely different directions. Parallel to this, the periods of ups and downs had an impact on economic relations as well. It was the security policy that carried out mutual cooperation between the two countries. On the one hand, it was the USA – one of the leaders of the Cold War, and, on the other hand, Turkey - very important in the region, but the most dependent on the US. Despite being in the NATO bloc together with the USA, Turkey has never felt secure itself. Assessing Ankara's domestic and foreign policy, it is necessary to take into account the relationship with the United States, as it has had the biggest impact on Turkey’s policy. Although the real and potential power of these two countries was not equal, during the Cold War Turkey became a stronghold of NATO and the West bloc against the Soviet Union. Turkey was one of the countries that appeared on the border between the eastern and western hemispheres. Perhaps due to the peculiarities of its geographical location, Turkey became a country with special conditions in world politics. The relations with the United States have evolved precisely in this direction.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v6n1a1