The Role of the United Nations in the Protection of Human Rights in Light of Political Conflicts in the Middle East
Dr. Mohammad Salim Al-Rawashdeh, Dr. Lubna Abdel-Rhman Al-Soud

The Arab Spring remains a historical stop for human rights given the lessons; it underscores on Arab understandings and approaches to human rights. The Arab States has made great strides in achieving Arab regime for the protection of human rights, a major step by establishing an Arab court for this purpose. Although the establishment of such a tribunal came very late compared with their counterparts from other regional systems but the Arab documents and instruments relating to human rights in the Arab countries know early attempts and repeated but all led to the failure that was released with the approval of the successful millennium to the Arab Charter for Human Rights, then the establishment of the Arab Commission for Human Rights and the establishment of the Arab Court of Human Rights in 2014. The United Nations has defined human rights as: a set of universal legal safeguards for the protection of individuals and groups against any governmental violations that may infringe on fundamental freedoms and human dignity. The region has suffered of conflicts and flaming wars in the phenomena, that predicted a flaw in stability that would inevitably result in human rights violations beginning with war crimes, crimes against humanity, murder, torture, enforced disappearance, and deprivation of liberty, religious and ethnic persecution. As for human rights in Syria, there is a systematic policy of violating human rights in Syria with complex and interrelated difficulties, starting with the desertification of the Syrian homeland from any true civil society activity such as the defense of human rights during the long decades of tyranny and the security state in each country. The life of the Syrian citizen, leading to the tragedy of forced disappearance, whether by killing or arresting many human rights activists, who during the short period of the Syrian revolution, managed to grasp the basic keys to work in the field of human rights and to present it correctly and honestly.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v5n2a1