Contemporary Public Diplomacy: The Case of China
Dolgorsuren Dorj

This article aims to give an understanding of how China is conducting public diplomacy and how it is using its soft power to shape its world future and gain the international identity. It investigates the scope and features of contemporary public diplomacy conducted by China and the efforts that China is making to increase its soft power. It finds that public diplomacy is a foreign policy tool used by the Chinese Government to advance their national interests and achieve their foreign policy goals through gaining influence and creating positive images or attractiveness from other countries as its practitioners categorize public diplomacy as one of the core functions of diplomacy today. This paper finds that increasing the cooperation as well as the number of exchange students has a significant and positive influence on every aspect of its society, its economic growth, and that increasing the incorporation soft power in their public diplomacy has strategic values in gaining both national and international influence, identity and status. This article explains the pros and cons of Chinese public diplomacy, Americans view of China, and also how Public Diplomacy paves the way for innovations in Chinese diplomatic practice.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v4n1a1