Economic Impact of China’s Investments in Mali’s Construction Sector on Mali
Sangare Zakaria Dit Zan

While Russia, a few European countries and Asian nations have entered into joint venture with African nations by providing them foreign funding, China has been one of the predominant players. Mali is one of those countries that have been benefitted from this foreign investment. The major areas of Chinese funding include the textiles sector, construction among others. The noteworthy constructions in Mali that are the outcome of Chinese investment include the stadium for hosting 2002 Africa Cup, the bridge across Niger River, the expressway at the capital of Mali and as well as a conference center in the prime location of this African city. There are mixed reactions among the indigenous Malian population regarding this Chinese investment in Malian economy. Although some understand that the local textile and furniture industry will be at jeopardy due to the inflow of cheaper and imported clothes and furniture, the increment in employment opportunity growth of GDP and overall increment in economic emancipation of economy cannot be underestimated.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v3n2a3