The Motives and Effects ofChina’s “New Model of Major Country Relations” in China-U.S. Relations
Ku, Minseon

This paper analyzes the motives behind China’s proposal of the “New Model of Major Country Relations” to the U.S in June 2013 and its effect on China-U.S relations. The timing and the contents of the proposal shows that that China proposed this discourse to the U.S as a way of challenging conventional discourse in international relations regarding the possibility of a war between rising and established powers. By doing so, China was seeking to mitigate the heightening distrust that has been accumulating since 2009. China’s proposal however, did not improve China-U.S relations as American suspicions and distrust only increased as China failed to meet the American expectations. This paper concludes that China and the U.S did not converge in terms of how they would interact with each other under this new model of relations because of different interpretations of the contents of the new model of major country relations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v3n1a2