The Contemporary Strategic Competition: Barriers and Opportunities for USA
Muhammad Irfan

Maintaining dominance in the contemporary strategic competition is the most important policy objective that US seeks to achieve. This can be achieved if Washington ensures its control in the littoral regions of the Indian Ocean and contains the Chinese influence in the said regions. Accordingly, the strategic competition between China and US takes place in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the issue is of significant importance. The paper is divided into main three portions. The view of theoretical perspective deals with concepts of strategic competition and the venue where the competition goes on. It covers the main players of the competition, China and USA respectively. The second portion explains the barriers that USA has to overcome in quest of dominating the competition. These include hostile relations with Iran, withdrawal from Afghanistan, China’s growing influence and North Korea’s Military threat. The third section includes the opportunities that USA can employ in pursuit of dominating the international affairs. These consist of strategy of containment, strategic partnership, increased naval preparations and international protocols and alliance .the analytical methodology is used in preparing the paper.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jirfp.v2n3-4a4